Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to disable & enable usb port or usb detection from your computer

In This I will tell you how to disable usb port or usb detection from your computer. firstly for knowing this you have to familiar with Windows registry because if you are not familier with windows registry you can do this but you won't be able to understand that how it works actually. So before starting this I will tell you about windows registry in breif. Have u ever thought how some viruses effects your computer and makes it slower how some viruses disable your task manager and sometimes how they disable your explorer exe ,If no then you have to know that its all the game of windows registry .Actually windows registry is a Hierarchical database of windows which holds all the information about windows either it is related to windows icons or it is related to windows internel features like user accounts,task manager , In-fact when you install a new software in your computer each and every information related to that software also stores in windows registry like serial keys installation date etc.  So now we start the process of disable & enable usb port from your computer for this what you have to do just goto

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to hide multiple files(included videos and mp3) in just an image

In this tutorial I'll tell u how to hide videos mp3s and many type of  files in just an image.Firstly 4 doing this you  have to install winrar or any software in your computer that support .rar format files. After doing this create a folder in any of your drive for ex- a folder named ayush in d drive so now copy all the files (that you want to hide) and an image(in which u hide files) in ayush folder .Now compress all the files in .rar format except that image Then delete all the files in that folder except that image in which you hide files and the rar file which holds all the files that you want to hide .So now you have 2 files in ayush folder the first one is the image let the name of that image is a.jpg and the second one is .rar file let the name of that rar file is b.rar like in the below image.
okay you've done all the things that are neccessery for this & from here the main process will start so for this what you have to do Just goto

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to trace exact location of a website

In this I ill tell u how to trace exact location of a website but u hav to know that it will not work when the server of the website is situated in different location and the website operated from different location for ex there is a website of india and its operated from india but the server of the website is situated in Singapore so it will trace Singapore not India.So now we come to the point to know exact location of the website firstly you have to find out the ip address of the website for this wat u hav to do just go to the run command by clicking the start menu or by pressing (window key + R) in the dialog box type

Friday, February 11, 2011

Do you know

In this i,ill tell you how to password protect your computer with the help of syskey encryption i think u heard about user mode password & superviser password but did you heard about syskey encryption password if not so i tell you

Saturday, January 22, 2011

One click shutdown

In this I'll tell u about how to create one click shutdown if u want to shutdown your computer then what you do