Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to hide multiple files(included videos and mp3) in just an image

In this tutorial I'll tell u how to hide videos mp3s and many type of  files in just an image.Firstly 4 doing this you  have to install winrar or any software in your computer that support .rar format files. After doing this create a folder in any of your drive for ex- a folder named ayush in d drive so now copy all the files (that you want to hide) and an image(in which u hide files) in ayush folder .Now compress all the files in .rar format except that image Then delete all the files in that folder except that image in which you hide files and the rar file which holds all the files that you want to hide .So now you have 2 files in ayush folder the first one is the image let the name of that image is a.jpg and the second one is .rar file let the name of that rar file is b.rar like in the below image.
okay you've done all the things that are neccessery for this & from here the main process will start so for this what you have to do Just goto
START-> RUN or  press (window key + R) then type cmd in the dialog box it will open command prompt in the command prompt type the below commands.
cd ayush
copy /b a.jpg + b.rar c.jpg

it will show you
1 file<s> copied
and then u'ill have the third image  that is c.jpg which have all the hidden files in itself .If u still don't understand see the below image. 

So now you've know how to hide multiple files in an image and if u want to open the hidden files open that image with winrar and u'ill see all the hidden files in winrar and if u wanna extract these files extract them in any location or if u wanna open any of 1 hidden file double click on that.okay so now u've known how to hide multiple file in an image and how to extract it But u still don't know how it works in my tutorial i'ill tell u how these commands works.
d:(d is not the command  it is your drive name)
cd(that means Change Directory it is not neccessary it is mainly use to select a folder in drive)
copy /b a.jpg + b.rar c.jpg  (that means u r copying a.jpg & b.rar in c.jpg)
so do it and enjoy.


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