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Why Facebook CEO wants school kids to learn coding

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates,Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter creator Jack Dorsey are among the tech luminaries appearing in a new video promoting the teaching and learning of computer coding in schools. Titled "What most schools don't teach," the video released online begins with Zuckerberg, Gates and other tech icons recalling the time they got their start in coding. For some, that was in sixth grade. For others, such as Ruchi Sanghvi,Facebook's first female engineer, that happened in college. Freshman year, first semester, intro to computer science, to be exact.Dorsey, who also founded and runs the mobile payments startup Square, said in an interview that he didn't grow up being a programmer."I wanted to work on ideas. In order to see them grow, I had to learn how to code," Dorsey told The Associated Press. "I think there is a lack of desire, there is a lack of push to teach people how to program and how to code. It's not all that dissimilar to learning a foreign language. It's just a way to instruct a machine on what to do. It empowers people to start a business, to start a project, to really speak to a daily issue that they are having or other people are having."Running less than six minutes, the video promotes, a nonprofit foundation created last year to help computer programming education grow."The first time I actually had something come up and say `hello world,' and I made a computer do that, that was just astonishing," Gabe Newell, president of video game studio Valve, recalls in the video. But it's not just tech leaders promoting programming in the video. Chris Bosh, of the Miami Heat basketball team, says about coding: "I know it can be intimidating, a lot of things are intimidating, but, you know, what isn't?" was founded by tech entrepreneur Hadi Partovi, an early investor in Facebook, Dropbox and the vacation rental site Airbnb. The nonprofit wants to address an oft-cited problem among technology companies - not enough computer science graduates to fill a growing number of programming jobs. The group laments that many schools don't even offer classes in programming.Our policy is literally to hire as many talented engineers as we can find," Zuckerberg says in the video. "The whole limit of the system is just the there just aren't enough people who are trained and have these skills today. "   

 Pakistan blocks 20,000 objectionable websites

Pakistani authorities have blocked about 20,000 websites, including YouTube, for hosting "objectionable" material like footage from the anti-Islam movie "Innocence of Muslims", an official said today. "We have blocked 20,000 objectionable websitesand blogs since the blasphemous film surfaced on the internet," an official of the PakistanTelecommunication Authority told PTI. "We are strictly following the court's orders in this regard," said the official who did not want to be named. He was referring to a sessions court in Lahore that ordered the registration of a case against the PTA Chairman for the organisation's failure to block footage from the anti-Islam film on the Internet. "The PTA has not only blocked websites featuring the anti-Islam film but thousands of others with objectionable material," the official said. The crudely made anti-Islam film recently triggered violent protests across Pakistan that resulted in 23 deaths and the destruction of property worth billions of rupees. The official further said that the ban on YouTube is unlikely to be lifted in the near future. "The ban on YouTube will continue as long as it does not remove the blasphemous film. Pakistan can take no chances on lifting the ban as people are not ready to accept this film," he said. If YouTube continues sticking to its stance that it cannot block access to the anti-Islam film, the ban will continue for an indefinite period, he said. Internet users in Pakistan have been facing considerable problems since the ban on YouTube was imposed as measures put in places by the authorities have hindered access to several websites operated by Google.

Facebook crosses 1 billion-user mark

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on the website that the world's biggest social network now has over 1 billion users. In an associated fact sheet, the company said that it surpassed the 1 billion-user mark on September 14, at 12.45 pm (Pacific Time). The company stated that the median age of users joining the week that Facebook hit the 1 billion-mark was 22 years. Facebook's five biggest markets are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States, as per the company fact sheet. It also said that it has 600 million users logging into the website from their mobile devices. Since February 2009, Facebook has witnessed 1.13 trillion users' likes, 219 billion photos being uploaded and 17 billion location-tagged pictures.The world's biggest social network, Facebook hit the 500 million user mark in July 2010. At the end of June 2012, it had 955 million active members.The Menlo Park, California-based company has had a difficult time of late. There were trading glitches the day it went public in May and concerns since then about its revenue potential. It's also facing lawsuits from disgruntled shareholders. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that the company is going through a bit of a rough patch following its rocky initial public offering. 

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married


In a surprise ceremony, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a private wedding at his home in Palo Alto, Calif. on 19-may-2012 Saturday.
Zuckerberg, who just became a billionaire as a result of the Facebook IPO on 18-may-2012 Friday, reportedly placed a ring on his wife’s finger during the ceremony — the ring, said to be designed by Zuckerberg himself, was described as featuring a “very simple ruby.”
According to the Associated Press, Zuckerberg’s marriage to Priscilla Chan took place in front of about 100 invited guests who thought they were celebrating Ms. Chan’s medical school graduation. It all happened in Zuckerberg’s backyard.
Take a look at Zuckerberg’s personal page on Facebook, and you’ll see the above picture, which Zuckerberg reportedly placed onto his own site as a change of his status after the ceremony.
The couple met while both were attending Harvard, and have been together for nine years.

In the age of Cyber censorship, "How to unblock everything on the internet", a new path-breaking book authored by Ankit Fadia, the world renowned Ethical Hacker & Computer Security expert launched this book in Hyderabad


Worried about the Indian government's threat to block your favorite websites? Tired of your college, office & government blocking everything cool & fun on the Internet? Deprived of accessing Stock Websites, Facebook and You Tube Videos at work? Slow download speeds, download limits, no access to cricket scores & no chatting with friends, making Jack a dull boy? Cheer up as ANKIT FADIA's latest book "How to Unblock Everything on the Internet" will show how to unblock just about everything on the Internet.
Published by Vikas Publishing House, the book is launched in Hyderabad 31st january 2012.this book contains simple things that you can do to unblock access to everything on the Internet including.

Social Networking Sites (Face book, Twitter etc)

Video Streaming Sites (YouTube, Metacafe etc)
Cricket Scores.
Chat Software
Stock Trading Websites.
Career Websites.
USB Ports.
Download & Speed Limits.
And just about everything else!

It is priced at INR 150/- is now available at all bookstores. but In flipcart itis available in 113 Rupees.


Microsoft India Retail Store Down After Hacked By Chinese Group

Software Giant, Microsoft’s retail business website in India got hacked by group of Chinese hackers named “Evil Shadow”. Hackers stealed the log in id’s and passwords of Microsoft customers who used this retail website for purchasing products and services.

Microsoft India Retail Store website still down and the site running a message “The Microsoft Store India is currently unavailable. Microsoft is working to restore access as quickly as possible.”
Chinese hackers on Monday attacked Microsoft India's retail website and stole the usernames and passwords of its customers, forcing the company to shut it down temporarily. The online retail site "" deals with
computers, computer
software and consumer
electronics on 13/02/2012.

Google working on heads-up display glasses

Google is apparently working on more hardware, and is said to be developing heads-up display (HUD) spectacles at Google X Lab. The spectacles will be able to provide augmented reality functions, as they reportedly also feature a front-facing camera. Other recent reports indicated that Google is also working on a wireless entertainment device for the home. 9to5Google quoted a source who said the heads-up display glasses looked like Oakley Thumps, seen above, presumably also featuring earphones. The Google HUD glasses will apparently have processing hardware at par with last generation Android devices, and will also function as a smartphone.UI navigation will be handled by the user, rotating and tilting his head. Contrary to ascribed the heads up display functionality, the report goes on to say the display will not be transparent, forcing the user to “stop walking around” - rather pointless for wearable tech.

The report says Google is hesitant to actually launch the device, and will likely put it into a pilot program to gauge their application.The specs provide real-time information from services such as Google Maps via an Android operation system, it is understood.They would let wearers see the world in a similar way to the cyborg assassin played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the blockbuster Terminator films through an augmented reality computer display.The website 9to5Google claims to have seen a prototype of the Google goggles, which apparently resemble Oakley’s Thump sunglasses, featuring a built-in audio system.The site reported in December that Google was developing glasses using a heads-up display (HUD) that could tap into Google's cloud-based applications for information based on the user's surroundings.It claims that the goggles have a tiny front-facing camera with a flash that can gather information and take photos. They will also run a navigation system operated by the user tilting their head to scroll and click, it says. 

Internet Access Severely Curbed in Iran

 Iran's government is taking strong measures to restrict access to the Internet for much of the country's population.The government's goal isn't to keep all Iranians from getting to forbidden sites.The Iranian government appears to have ramped up censorship through deep packet inspection of SSL traffic, selective blocking of IP Address and TCP port combinations, and some keyword filtering, according to proxy solution provider Tor. They have partially blocked access to Tor's website.
 Iran's National Internet -- a countrywide firewall that is meant to block out websites undesirable to the government -- is the widely suspected culprit.
 The government has talked about the National Internet before, but it was vague about the details and timing. With the one-year anniversary of the Arab Spring on hand, now might be a good time, from the government's perspective.

Skype brings free Christmas Wi-Fi to 50 US airport

Skype has announced it will offer free Wi-Fi in 50 airports in the United States to make the journey home for Christmas that little bit less tedious.The offer, which runs from 21-27 December 2011, will work at participating airports for anyone with the Skype client installed on their Mac or PC. IOS users can also download the Skype Wi-FI app to get in on the action too, but there's no such festive joy for those on Android phones and tablets.Just an hour of festive cheerUsers can use Skype to log into partner Wi-Fi networks airports, but will only give you one hour of browsing, voice calls or video calls.Among the major participating airports are Miami International, New York's JFK and LaGuardia, Boston International, Denver International, San Francisco International and Chicago O'Hare.The offer only applies to Skype customers in the United States.

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