Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to send self destructing message to someone via E-Mail

In this tutorial I will tell you that how to send a self destructing message to someone via email.I am going to tell you about sending self destructing message via email instead of sending self destructing email because in this trick you will create a self destructing message and then send the link of that message to receiver when the receiver gets your mail and read the message the link will expire automatically and also you will set a time limit it may be 30 minutes or 3 days when the time limit finish the unread message will expire automatically. For example you create a message with 1 day time limit and send the link of that message so the link will expire automatically after 1 day if the receiver will not click on it.This is the whole summary of the process now I will tell you how to do this practically it is a very easy technique .For doing this what you have to do just go to when the website will open click on the create one new button which appears on the website screen like in the below image.

After clicking on create one new button you will see  the message input box like in the below image 

so now what you have to do just type your message set your time limit and click on create link button after this the link will appear copy that link and send that link to anyone via email and also you can send this link via text chat its up to you coz now you have the link so do this and enjoy. 


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